Special Thanks to...

It is impossible to thank everyone for all that they do for us. All of our fundraisers are a combination of family, friends, volunteers, and businesses who come together to form our network. They all donate their time, effort, money, food, and services to help us achieve our mission of helping those with Cancer. Each of these contributions are essential, and we appreciate everything that everyone does for us. While again it is impossible, we want to try to say thanks to those that support us.

The LaCombe and The Legier Family. You were our foundation of support during the dark days of Janell's illness and you are our beacon of strength in the years that have followed her death. There is no way we can ever repay ya'll for what we have received. Thank you for everything.

To the following Businesses:
  • Gary & Arleen Zito with G & A Wrecker Services
  • Steve & Trudy Kent with Steve Kent Trucking
  • Steven & Jana Kent
  • Everyone at Pointe Coupee Homebound Health & Hospice www.pchhh.org
  • Cory Ewing
  • Chad Soprano with Soprano's Supermarket
  • The Pointe Coupee Banner
  • L.J. & Diana Thibadeux with L.J. Thibadeux Contracting Company
  • The Andre Family: Russel, Michelle, Russ, & Dawn with Andre Automotive
  • Sigma Nu Fraternity
  • Sandi's Daiquiris
  • Brandon & Jessica Achee with DJ Stump services and Multi-Cut lawn services
  • James & Lori Achee with Achee Automotive
  • Dudley "Dut" Jarreau with Livonia Auto Repair
  • Mike & Rhonda Guillory with Bouquets & Bows Flower and Gift Shop
  • Richard Torres & Lester Jarreau with Louisiana Gator Patrol
  • The Law Firm of Melanie Walters
  • The Law Firm of Stephen Marionneux, Jr.
  • The Law Firm of Brady Gosserand Blanchard
  • Danny Ford with Political Connections LLC Consulting Company
  • Local 623 Ironworkers Local
  • I.B.E.W. Local 995
  • Gary Filtration Company
  • John & Missy Cazayoux with The Red Monkey Bar
  • Courtney Singleton and the Employees of Louisiana Companies Insurance Agency
  • Gene & Patsy Bellelo
  • Bellelo's Furniture Store
  • The Campbell Family with Campbell Monument Company
  • Louisiana Bayou Bistro
  • Joe Dreyfus Restaurant
  • The Bear's Den Bar
  • Joe-Joe's Bar
  • Victor Bellelo Farms
  • Fordoche Re-Bar Company and the entire St. Romain Family
  • L & M Sports Center
  • Ashley Stanford for our logo design
  • Childress & Castille CPA, LLC
  • Prejean's Restaurant in Lafayette. www.prejeans.com
  • Denicola's Tiger Den, Dennis Denicola. www.tigerdengifts.com
  • The Trophy House , Joe Stablier and Family, www.thetrophyhousebr.com
  • Walk-Ons Bistreaux & Bar walk-ons.com
  • Rob Marionneaux, Jr.
  • Justin Cox

To the following elected officials and candidates:
  • Representative Major Thibaut, Jr.
  • Fordoche Chief of Police Fred Gueho Jr
  • Mayor Don Sonnier-Fordoche
  • Randy St. Romain-Fordoche Town Council
  • Cory Gueho-Fordoche Town Council
  • Scottie Wright-Fordoche Town Council
  • Teddy Gros-Fordoche Town Council
  • Clerk of Court Lanell Swindler Landry
  • Sheriff Bud Torres
  • Constable Floyd Meche
  • Honorable James Best- Judge 18th JDC
  • Joseph "Bozo" Bergeron-Pointe Coupee Parish Police Jury
  • James "Bado" Cline- School Board

To the following Cooks:
  • Brent LaCombe
  • Cory Smith
  • Floyd Meche
  • Rocky & Jackie Patternostro
  • Daryl Smith Jr
  • Homer Jones

To the planning crew:
  • Jamie Gary
  • Sal Genusa, Jr.
  • Danny Ford
  • Kevin Toler
Thanks to Ronnie Bonaventure and every one at Fordoche Recreation Ball Park. A big thanks to the People of Fordoche and the community at large for supporting us every year. And finally

To the most important people in the world, all the volunteers that work the day of the tournament. Working in the heat serving food, selling drinks, and everything else. You are too many to list, and too important not to have. You are the real backbone behind the success. We would never be able to do it with out you. Thanks is not enough. We love you all.


J.C., Jay, Jeremy, & Jessica