Couchon De-lait

For those don't know, a couchon de-lait is a South Louisiana tradition. The term is in french and it is translated literally as a pig roast. This time honored Cajun tradition is an all out party with live music, food, more food, and more music. If you have never been to a couchon de-lait, then you are surely missing out. Hank Williams Jr best sums it up with his phrase "pig in the ground and beer on ice".

Nell's Angels created this fundraiser for the following reason. The money and proceeds from the softball tournament was already promised to Cancer Services. In order to diversify and provide a wider range of services to the people, we created the Couchon de-lait fundraiser. We usually hold it in the early spring, and the proceeds from this event are used in a multitude of ways. The money raised allows Nell's Angels to fund a scholarship for area high school students affected by cancer. We have also in the past purchased days at the spa for massages for ladies going through chemotherapy, along with direct grants to families who have a love one dealing with cancer. These grants help with medical bills, supplies, and other expenses associated with treatment.

Nell's Angels has for the past four years had a Couchon de-lait fundraiser, and each year the event gets bigger and bigger. Thanks to the help of many volunteer cooks and helpers, bands, and other volunteers the event is an all day affair. It is held in Fordoche at the Red Monkey Bar and Grill located on Highway 77.