This link is to honor Chrystal Parks Wnuk. It is also to raise awareness and support for two causes close to her heart. Kiki as she affectionately called by the family, is the niece of Janell LaCombe. Kiki was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2001, six months before Janell was diagnosed.

The courage and bravery that Kiki has exhibited during her struggle is nothing short of miraculous. She has been in and out of remission four times, undergone numerous rounds of chemotherapy, two bone marrow transplants, too many bone marrow aspirations to count, what seems like a thousands of blood transfusions, hospital stays, physical therapy sessions and a recent hip replacement surgery. She has been poked, prodded, and stuck with needles so many times that it seems routine to her. However, she continues to fight and overcome all obstacles that are presented to her with class, dignity and resolve that is truly noble.

Her spirit and courage has inspired everyone whom has had the privilege to meet her. With that, Nell's Angels is proud to support the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society and the National Marrow Donor Program.

The Leukemia/Lymphoma Society has assisted her, as they do with anyone with Leukemia/Lymphoma, in the past with money for travel, expenses, medicine, etc when she is undergoing treatment. They are a world class organization, and they really do help families who are dealing with Leukemia/Lymphoma. For more information please go to

The second cause, is the National Marrow Donor Program. As stated above, Kiki has undergone two different bone marrow transplants. Test results showed that her brother was not a match for the transplant, thus a donor was found using the National Marrow Donor Program database. Through this program, a bone marrow donor was identified for her. Because her angel Keith had signed up for the registry, her life was saved.

June 8, 2002 was the first anniversary of the death of Janell. What would have been a dark day, instead is one of the best days for the LaCombe family. See on this day, a blood drive was conducted and nearly 600 people were registered under the program. On this day, 600 brave souls came forward for Kiki and said we are willing to help save someone's life if we are called upon. Everyone at Nell's Angels has signed up and been placed on the registry and we STRONGLY encourage you to do so as well. Its your chance to save someone's life. For more information as to how you can get placed on the registry please visit